My name is Ethan. I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Brent Nardecchia and his team at Equitable Home Mortgage. My wife and I recently closed on our new home and Brent walked us through each step of the way. 
It has been said that, “Buying a home is the most stressful event of Modern Life. While I am not sure it feels that way for everyone, I suspect, most people would agree that it ranks “up there” on the important list of life and financial decisions. Like so many others, I “got my teeth kicked in” a bit by life during the financial downturn of 2008 and my credit took a dive. As such, in 2012 I closed a business, got a divorce, filed bankruptcy and got to a pretty bad place in life. At this point I was very worried about my financial future, ability to borrow money and particularly my ability to purchase a home. Since then I have worked very hard to rebuild a business and my credit, but I have remained worried that the BK would follow me forever. Several years ago, I met Brent and got to know him very well. During that time I grew to trust him and was hopeful he could help us with a home purchase. Given my history I was unsure, but Brent assured me he had a program for us and thoroughly walked me through our purchase. I was amazed at how he walked us through that process and got us approved for our forever home so quickly. Brent and his team got our loan funded in only a few weeks and made us feel like part of the family so we wouldn’t stress out during this whole process. My wife and I were amazed at his professionalism and ability to get our loan done so seamlessly and quickly. 
Thank you Brent and the entire team at EHMTG.  
I highly recommend Brent for any of your lending needs. 

ETHAN - Scottsdale, AZ


Hi Brent I can’t believe you were one of the angels God used in our greatest miracle!!!
I look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person ...I will also be referring you to everyone that I know thank you so much for everything!!!




This is a dream come true. I grew up in foster care never feeling like I belong. I have been homeless and lived on the streets to now buying my own home. Thank you for making my dream a reality.


Robert & Wendy